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Tax Returns & Services


Use our qualified tax professionals to prepare & file your returns. We can prepare and file your current returns and put a tax strategy in place to minimise your tax exposure for future returns.


Specialist tax minimisation service for company directors and the self-employed. Why leave the tax loopholes to the super rich? We examine all aspects of your personal financial situation and provide strategies in relation to remuneration, pension, retirement and inheritance. Don’t pay any more tax than you need to.


The objective of our tax services is to conserve clients’ financial resources through effective tax planning. Some of the specific tax services which we provide are:

  • Business Tax Credits

  • Corporate tax planning

  • Tax planning for business reorganisation, such as: Acquisitions, disposals, capital restructuring and reorganisations

  • Company planning including Directors Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax and retirement planning.

Book Keeping / Payroll


We can make your Payroll Headaches disappear. For a Fixed Fee we look after all elements of your Payroll giving you the time to look after running your business.


What you get:

  • Weekly / monthly wages preparation.  Payslips emailed with secure individual pin to staff member and employer

  • Report detailing Gross and Nett payments to staff

  • P.30 Return made to Revenue commissioner as required

  • P.60’s issued to staff members at year end

  • P.45’s issued to staff members leaving

  • P.35 Return made to Revenue Commissioners at year end 

  • Employee/Department Costs reports

  • Dealing with employee deductions (Pension, Union, Health Insurance etc)

Business Consultancy


Business Owners & Managers are often so involved in the running of their business that they never find the time to step back and take a helicopter view of the business.


Be in Business for yourself, not by yourself. You are a Business Owner, an Entrepreneur. You went into business by yourself or as part of a small group of people. You did so to control your own destiny, to make your own money and to do things your way. With Business Consultancy we help you grow your business by;

  • Reviewing the operational aspect of the business from staffing levels to daily procedures

  • Setting tasks for you to implement that will benefit your business

  • Help you to pinpoint obstacles that affect the development of the business

  • Phone support between meetings

  • Suggest possible solutions and areas of improvement


There's no cost to meet and overview your business. Six months from now, you will have a stronger, more profitable business.

Company Secretarial Services


Our company secretarial services include:


Annual Return Date - Filing of B1 with CRO

We will file the return with Abridged Annual Accounts. Abridged Accounts mean that your competitors cant see how much money you have made. Most of the financial information is not submitted. We only submit the minimum so you legally comply with the statutory requirements.


Voluntary Strike Off

If you want to close down your company and you dont owe anybody any money then we can have your company removed from the live company register within the shortest time possible. All your returns need to be up to date but if they are not then we can help you with this also to ensure the process is hassle free for you.


  • Change of Company Details

  • Change of Company Address

  • Change of Director's personal details

  • Issue shares to new directors

  • One director buys another directors shares

  • Any changes required to the Memorandum and Articles of Association (the rules around what the company does and how it operates)


Registered Office Facility

Many limited companies are small home based businesses. If you don't want your home address freely available on the internet as the Registered Address of the Company then we offer a facility to use our office address as the Registered Office for your company.


Company Restorations

When directors continually fail to submit annual returns to the CRO the company will be "Dissolved". This means the company no longer exists by law and you are in effect trading fraudulently. If you continue to trade any insurance polices are null and void and the directors are then personally responsible for all debts. If you are in this situation we can help you reverse it very quickly. If you leave it after a certain length of time then you have to go to court to have the company restored and this is very expensive.

Bookkeeping & Taxation Services


  • Purchase Invoices processing

  • Sales Invoices updating

  • Cheque Payments & Bank Debits updating

  • Cash Receipts, Bank Lodgments & Credits updating

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Debtors Reconciliations

  • Creditor Reconciliations

  • Creditors monthly Payment Recommendation Reports

  • Preparation & filing of VAT Returns

  • Sub-Contractors Payment Cards updating

  • Preparation & filing of monthly RCT30 Returns

  • Preparation & filing of annually RCT35 Returns

  • Dealing with Revenue Commissioners queries

  • Preparation of books and records prior to tax audits



Management Accounts


  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly or half yearly Management Accounts. These give the business owners information about the business trading performance on an up-to date timely basis. Reliance on trading performance information from annual statutory financial statements which may not be produced for up to eight months after the relevant financial year end is similar to steering ones car whilst looking out through its rear window.

  • Preparation of Cash Flow Projections. A business’s cash is its life blood and as such it makes prudent sense to be able to estimate with some degree of certainty how cash flows in and out of the business’s bank account for at least six to eight months into the future.

  • Preparation of Budgets and Variance Analysis. By using variance analysis as a tool business owners can identify and correct any unfavorable variances between budgeted and actual trading results.

  • Preparation of Internal Audits. This procedure within a business can identify and eliminate losses caused by error or fraud by staff etc’.

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